Our Philosophy

Casa Timeline

At Casa, we believe everyone has the right to a good life.
  • A pleasant home and neighborhood
  • Modern therapeutic and medical services
  • A safe opportunity to develop to his or her full potential

Because our organization was founded by professionals and families- working together - we see our clients and residents not just as people with disabiltiies who need our help, we see them as people we know and enjoy. People whose health and happiness matter - to them, to us, and to the world.


Our Board of Directors
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Casa is incorporated.
Our intermediate Care Facility for Mental Retardation/Nursing (ICF/MR) opens as an eight-bed home.
Our first Residential Care Facility opens for children with pervasive developmental disorders.
Our first Residential Care Facility opens for Adults who need extensive assistance with their daily routine.
The ICF/MR expands to become a 16-bed home.
Our Supportive Living division is launched for adults who need partial assistance with their daily routine.
Our In-Home Support division is launched for children living at home with lesser degrees of MR or autism and medical needs.
In addition, our first In-Home Waiver is established for a child living at home who might otherwise need to live in an Intensive Care Facility.
Residential Child Care Facility opens to provide intensive residential support for children with autism/complex behaviors.
Independent Living Housing established in Westbrook.
Opened Mental Health Services for children