Employee FAQ

1. I’m a new employee. When are my benefits effective?

Assuming you maintain eligible status, your benefits are effective 60-90 days after your Date of Hire.

2. Can you explain Holiday Pay?

As part of Casa’s benefit package, the following holidays are paid: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. This Holiday Pay is prorated based upon the weekly average hours worked by an employee during the previous quarter.

In addition, all non-salaried staff who work on a holiday are paid time and one-half for hours worked.

3. How is Earned Time calculated?

Earned Time is available to all Casa employees who average at least 24 hours of work per week as part of their benefit package and those who elect Earned Time when working under 24 hours per week.

Earned time is pro-rated based on hours worked and tenure. The schedule below is for a 40-hour employee.

60-90 days--2 years 12 8-hour days
3 years--6 years 20 8-hour days
7--10 years 25 8-hour days
11--20 years 30 8-hours days
20+ years 35 8-hours days

4. Can I cash in Earned Time?

Yes. Casa allows each employee to cash in any and all Earned Time available.

5. Can I carry over Earned Time into the next year?

Yes. Casa allows each employee to carry over Earned Time up to the total earned per the schedule above.

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